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PE 8

Grade Eight

This course provides students the continuing opportunity to learn through a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive sequentially planned physical education program aligned with the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools. In 8th grade, the content standards emphasize working as a team to solve problems. The focus of this course is the application of movement skills and knowledge (including defensive and offensive strategies) to team physical activities, gymnastics/tumbling, and square dance; the assessment and maintenance of physical fitness to improve health and performance; the requisite knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles and strategies to improve health and performance; and the application of psychological and sociological concepts, including self-responsibility, positive social interaction, and group dynamics, in the learning and performance of physical activity. Units of activity include: physical fitness (activities, assessment, concepts, development and maintenance); cooperative activities; movement skills and strategies applied in modified games of: flag football; soccer or lacrosse; volleyball; basketball or floor hockey; soccer; softball; team handball/ultimate Frisbee; square dance; stunts and tumbling.