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History 8

History/Social Studies 8

8th Grade - U.S. History: Growth and Conflict

The 8th grade year is a study of the critical events, issues, and individuals in United States History to 1880. It begins with a selective review of the Age of Exploration, the colonial period and the American Revolution. The major focus of the year is the development of the Constitution, the impact of the Westward Movement, and the struggles of the Civil War and Reconstruction. All units include an examination of the impact of economics, politics, and social history on the development of the United States. The five themes of geography (location, movement, region, place, and human-environmental interaction) are woven into all the units, with emphasis on how geography affected the development of the growing nation. Students will learn about related careers in history/social science. They will also complete their high school program and class selections as part of this course.