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Science Electives

Math Engineering Science Academy (MESA)

MESA assists students at Walton MS so they excel in math and science and become competitively eligible for academically rigorous colleges and universities.

MESA enjoys strong support from companies because they recognize MESA’s success in producing technical professionals needed by industry to stay competitive. Corporations such as Boeing, Chevron, General Electric, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, AT&T, and Texas Instruments have provided funding, in-kind contributions, scholarships, and internships to assist MESA students. Corporate representatives serve on state and local MESA advisory boards.

Environmental Science (7-8)

Life and Environmental Science is an integrated middle school science course that will cover a wide range of topics, but will focus on the areas of biology and environmental science. Although the middle school sciences are not designated as "Pre-AP" or "Honors," this course is designed to challenge students and prepare them for success in their high school science courses.

Environmental Science is a course based on Green Energy, Green Careers, and renewable energy. The course will also explore various areas involved in keeping the environment safe and sustainable. Small field trips and guest speakers will make the class real world based. Student will discover and explore learning experiences in life and careers related to applied health and science. Large projects and activities include designing a Green park or building for the community, exploring current issues in Green Energy, agriculture, ecology, air and water quality investigations, discovering conservation methods, and much more!