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Math Electives

Advance to Algebra (6)

Advance to Algebra is an elective that prepares advanced level sixth graders for Algebra in the seventh grade.  The curriculum covers the key standards for Math 6 and explores the depth and complexity required for the highest achievement in Math 6.  This course is directly related to Math 6 standards and is ideal for the gifted math student. This is not an Algebra or Pre-Algebra course. (Course Credit = 2.0)

Math Intervention

Intervention classes are designed to be targeted to specific student needs. As such, there is no set curriculum or pacing guides for these classes. Lessons and activities should be designed around student needs and will address specific concepts where students need additional support. The class should not simply “lag” the core math classes, nor should the class “preview” the concepts taught in these classes. Students should be given the opportunity to develop conceptual knowledge using hands-on learning and teachers should teach the concepts differently than in the core classes. Additionally, students should be given ample opportunity to practice both new concepts and basic math skills. Programs such as Accelerated Math offer a structured practice program.

Students must have mobility both in and out of intervention classes. It is recommended that teachers and administrators enable students to move in or out of the intervention classes at the end of each academic quarter. The final week of each quarter can be used for assessment, reflection, and determination of placement for the next quarter.