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ELA Electives

Mock Trial/Debate 6-8

The Walton Middle School Mock Trial/Debate Program is a language arts elective course designed to improve skills in the four language arts areas (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Students will also practice to mastery their research skills, reasoning ability, and critical thinking competency. They will apply these skills by sharing orally and in writing their developed opinions and research findings on a variety of timely issues in a variety of debate formats including Lincoln/Douglas, Four Debater, and Socratic Seminar. The course introduces middle school students to the competitive rigor of argumentative competition through participation in the Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial program and the Claremont McKenna College Middle School Public Debate program. Walton MS has been a proud member of the Inland Valley Debate League for more than 5 years.

Walton’s Mock Trial/Debate Program is a nationally ranked comprehensive educational program designed to accentuate and accelerate standards-based learning and critical thinking through research, argument, and debate.  The program’s competitions provide students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and listening skills as they hone their public speaking abilities.

Co-Founders/Teacher Sponsors:
  Ms. Cynthia Torres-Nusse
  Mr. Donald Gordon

Journalism/Yearbook 7-8

This course includes a study of modern newspapers, the history of journalism in the United States, newspaper organization, analysis of news, the effects of propaganda, and news gathering and writing. Students will focus upon a study of the physical makeup of a newspaper and the production of a minimum of four newspapers. The course also teaches students how to create and produce a school yearbook. Students will focus on the elements of the purpose of a yearbook, developing a theme, creating layouts and designs, photography, writing, and editing. Students will also participate in the marketing and sales of the yearbook.

Sponsor: Ms. Yvette Arnold

Reading Intervention

The READ 180 Proven Instructional Model provides a simple and clear organization for the classroom. Teachers begin and end each session with Whole-Group instruction that engages the entire class. In between, students break into groups and rotate through three stations for Small-Group and independent learning. As an Intensive Intervention, students are placed in the course that are two or more years below grade level and score Far Below Basic on the CST.

ELA Strategic Intervention (S/I)

Intervention classes in English/Language Arts focus on reading/language instruction for students. The curriculum includes: instruction in reading, spelling, composition, grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, usage, and language. The course content is presented in a specific sequence with each unit’s concepts building on the concepts from the previous unit. Individual student progress is based on understanding and applying the concepts taught in each unit. The purpose of the class is to bring students up to grade level standards. Placement determined by California Standards Test/school staff recommendation.