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Exploratory Art (6-8)

This course concentrates on the elements of art, which is the foundation for all artwork. Due to the variation of time, Two and Three dimensional art projects should be introduced according to the length of course. Required art vocabulary, reading and writing assignments are included in the course w ork. The five components in the California State Visual and Performing Arts Framework are addressed. A portfolio is developed and a number of art-related
careers are discussed.

GOALS: The course is intended to meet the following student needs:

  • Develop and expand aesthetic perception. (Aesthetic Perception)
  • Develop and expand visual arts knowledge and skills to express ideas imaginatively. (Creative Expression)
  • Acquire knowledge of historical and cultural developments, w hich occur as a resultof varying needs and aesthetic points of view. (Historical and Cultural Context)
  • Develop a base for making informed aesthetic judgements. (Aesthetic valuing)
  • Develop a common core of knowledge that transcends subject areas. (Connections, Relations & Application)