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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Middle Grades Education.

From parents, educators, and school boards on middle grades education.

Questions from Parents

  1. If I disagree or am upset about something that is occurring at the school my child attends, what should I do?
  2. We are moving to area XYZ and have children in elementary and middle school. What should we look for in a school?
  3. What are the required course of study and content standards for middle grade students?
  4. What academic standards should my child be proficient in for high school and the California High School Exit Examination?
  5. What are the required tests that my middle school child will need to take?
  6. Who establishes the grading policy for middle school students?
  7. If my child fails a class or is not proficient with certain standards, does the school have the right to retain my child in grade or prevent him/her from attending graduation?
  8. There is no graduation ceremony for eighth grade students at my child's school. Is there a state policy about this?

Questions from Educators, School Boards, and Parents

  1. If I disagree or am upset about a state policy that is affecting our district and school, what should I do?
  2. How many students and schools are there in the middle grades? How are schools configured? Are middle schools considered elementary or secondary?
  3. Should sixth grade be included in a middle school or an elementary school?
  4. What is the required amount of time (minutes per week) for each subject?
  5. Does our district have to adopt a standards-based report card?
  6. What is the middle school's responsibility for preparing students for the California High School Exit Examination?
  7. Is Algebra 1 a required course of study for all eighth grade students?
  8. Is there a professional network specifically for middle grades educators?
  9. What are some resources for us to look at when shaping policy, procedures, and curriculum for our middle school?

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